cod4 infection lobby!

Join xSpank ME Elmox / message me for invite

Say (XMB)
edit:Back out go to splitscreen and im sure you know what to do from there…

Do we get infections or mess around in a match?

u get them

What type of infections? Please don’t say it’s the one where you get buttfucked with the spam messages on the left side of the screen.

actually i dont know lol sum1 invited me so i joined and havent went to splitscreen…
if any1 wants to see what they do feel free. if u have a second account use it cause im not sure what it gives u

Still waiting to see what’s up… no invite as of yet

edit: nevermind, in just waiting (:

u need to go to splitscreen and start on the map and hit all dpads and the back button

~legit~ name turns pink,red box around player… see through walls… teleport with the back button,cartoon or chrome mode, big hud plus see everyone on hud.


Dammit, just got online… and sent you message. xD

You can get them from me if you’d like.

msg me or join session: oO Jawsh Oo

Got in earlier thanks again