COD4 Online GPD Mods

What you need: 2 USB’s, modded CoD4 .GPD, 2 accounts(main and silver). CoD4(Herp Derp)
1.Make sure system cache is cleared on USB1(modded one)
2.Put the modded .GPD on the silver account and USB with cache cleared.
3.Make sure your Updates are up to date on your main account and 2nd USB. (DO NOT PUT MODS ON MAIN ACCCOUNT!)
4. Make aure only USB1(modded) Is plugged in go into splitscreen. Turn on the mods and infect yourself.
5.Sign out and unplug modded USB and plug in USB2 with your main account on it.
6.Go online into a private match and if your infected you did it right.

Trying now…

nice man, i will try this later on

nope didnt work and i think ive seen this b4…

reason why this wont work the update is not applied to the xex it self so when you goto sign in it will apply the update thus losing the infections

wait were do u get a cod4 modded gpd at

Well b4 you say that why don’t you try it?

Thanx ^

Anyone wana send me a link to a cod 4 GPD :smiley:

also, could this method work on other cods.

sick man

I’m going to give it a try

I guesd ill try it

anyone confirm this working?

wait, so this works in pubs?

No as soon as you plug in your main account it asks you for the update and kicks you off so im saying it doesnt work i hope someone can prove me wrong

Same for me :smile:

This is old and won’t work :confused: