CoD4 Trolling Tonight!

Alright, tonight I’m going to troll around CoD4 with Manga and 2 other people. So post here and whoever makes me laugh the hardest gets to play CoD4 with me tonight, with mods :thumbsup:

Don’t ask for invites :S I will PM you.

I’m getting on at 8:00 EST.

Lul Wut?

GT-doX Energize…you have played with me before and I had alot of fun…inv please?

me of course

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck out chuck wood.

GT - Symbhol

Your a ******. Wasn’t that funny? you know my GT…

***** you better let me in on this


Did you say ******* or ******?

supermodder911 is my IDOL!!! xD

I love you.

Womens rights.

That’s what’s funny.

EcHo x XeXey :smile:

I would like to join you. (: it would make me smile like that ^

Glad to see some people find cancer humorous.

Ill troll :confused: :S lol and when I do ill shave my pubic hair after using jizz to shave my hairy obnoxious legs and paste my pubes on my chin then do the hokey pokey with my 1 arm that I have