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CODE VEIN Cheats and Trainer for Steam

dude, that would take HOURS to get a sufficient amount of haze to cap your level and to upgrade your gear


any possible way to get an “ignore crafting requirements”?

you don’t get that level 7+ and level 10 items until the end of the game

Hmm, really? I got almost four million exp by being afk for like 10 minutes just spamming one present. It would no doubt be even faster if you grabbed a 10k Loss crystal or managed to get multiple. But then again I don’t know how much exp it takes to reach max level so… still a workaround for something that isn’t working at all?

non of the cheats work for me, (i’m using non steam), is it because there’s a new update or is it because im using non steam ver ?

The CODE VEIN cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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Im using a no-steam version, client 1.01.86038, any of the cheats works for me, its becus im using a codex version?

still can’t play

Yes trainer is made for steam version. Unless you can find an upto date crack maybe
But we dont offer support for crack games



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Still have the stamina issue. If the trainer is running, player’s current stamina steadily climbs up to 99999 even without the infinite stamina cheat activated.


trainer work in online mod ? and he is detected or no ?

I would have to say yes that it mite be detected, Trainers are made for singleplayer use.
Not sure how picky game devs are to use it online.

Hello MrAntiFun,

Is it possible to make the “Infinite Items” cheat cover more items?

For example the following items are not infinite :


This can help while trying the extensive builds capabilities this game offers.

Hope its possible and that it doesn’t cause too much trouble.

Thank you for your hard work in making all of this Cheats/Trainers!

the infinite items DOES work for those items.

you can NOT upgrade/use items at the max number in your inventory, it WILL remove them.

example: you have 3 old world materials, you can ONLY spend 2 at a time.

if you have less items then required, you can’t upgrade or spend. you NEED at LEAST 1 higher than the requirement to have unlimited items (5 queen iron, 6 queen steel, 3 queen tungsten for armor/weapon upgrades as an example.).

it’s stupid, but that’s how the cheat works.


there’s no anti-cheat in code vein

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Awesome! At least works then, that’s what matters. Thank you for the reply, will try it out today.

just keep in mind what i said about it.

and the reasoning for those numbers are for examples, but they are true.

1-4 for queen iron, so you need at least 5.
2-5 for queen steel, so you need at least 6.
2 for queen tungsten, so you need at least 3.

and the same goes for all of the gift traits to: make sure you have at LEAST 1 more then the requirement, like the basic one mj1018 requires 3 to master a perk, so you need at least 4 to keep all your items.

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i cant toggle them on. they switch autmaticly to off. all of them.

start game first and THEN use wemod


i cant toggle them neither, and i started the game then used wemod and same problem.