Cold Steel III

We need cheats for this upcoming game PC Version
Max Cash,quick level gain,easy bond points,ect

I’m sure (as long as it’s not a server-sided game) that it’ll be added to WeMod’s database for voting on to have a trainer made closer to the release date, which is, according to Steam, 23rd March of this year. :slight_smile:

Its not Sever sided also GOG games is bringing it out FreeGOG for poor people/piraters

That is an illegal pirating community, it’s not owned nor supported by the official GOG.
GOG has always had some free games available from their online store. [Free] [GOG] Eight Various Games (Plus The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt DLC Program) :slight_smile:
Epic Games also offer a free game every week.

If it’s truly not server-sided then the ability to vote for a trainer for the game will be added closer to the release date, don’t worry. :slight_smile: