Colored MW3 Clan and Gamertag Online | 2 Tutorials

[size=14]Well now that we can enter this in ourselves I have to edit my tutorial. I will now add a section for manually changing your clan tag to have buttons.

There are 2 methods to this
Method 1 - GPD Mod - Blue text
Method 2 - In-game button clan tag - Red text



[/b][/size] [b]1[/b]. Get your GT opened in Horizon [details= Picture][img]/uploads/default/original/3X/d/b/dbc435717905aa04b8ded67eddfff7b203b1820c.jpg[/img][/details]

2. Click Contents and scroll down to the bottom. Look for 415608CB.gpd


3. Right-click and Extract… it to somewhere


4. Open up any hex editor and open that 415608CB.gpd file in it
If you do not have one, they can be found everywhere for free. Here is one


5. If you have a clan tag on that you know, use the Search function in your editor [CTRL+F usually] and search for a text string of your clan tag. If that does not work…
Scroll down near the bottom. It may be at the very bottom for some of you. For others, like me, you will have a ton of PNG files stored after it so scroll back towards the top until the random characters stop.


6. Change this to anything that you want. You can edit the text side for letters, special characters, and colors. You need to edit the hex side in order to do buttons or justifications.
This is just like modding your Gamertag in the previous CoDs. Any colors you put in your clan tag will affect everything after that (The first bracket of your clan tag will always be unedited) including your Gamertag.
If you need the hex values for colors, buttons, etc. scroll down.

[details= Picture]For example this would be [IW] with that and your Gamertag in black text.


7. Save the file. Now go back into Horizon in your Gamertag, still under the Contents tab. Right-click that gpd you extracted, and click “Replace…”
Then find the file you just saved and click Open.



8. Now (obviously) Save, Rehash, and Resign your Gamertag and then enjoy your cool new clan tag/colored name!

[details= Color values]For colors, the code will be typed in the text string side of your hex editor in the format of " ^X " with X being a single digit number.
Here are the numbers and what colors they correspond to

^1 - Red
^2 - Green
^3 - Yellow
^4 - Blue
^5 - Light Blue
^6 - Pink
^7 - White
^8 - None?
^9 - None?
^0 - Black

Remember they affect everything in your name after this code.[/details]

[details= Button Values]Button values must be typed in the hexadecimal side of your editor. They take up a lot of room if you have 4 of them in your tag.
Here are the hex values

A - 01
B - 02
X - 03
Y - 04
Left Stick - 10
Right Stick - 11
LB - 05
RB - 06
LT - 12
RT - 13
Dpad Up - 14
Dpad Down - 15
Dpad Left - 16
Dpad Right - 17


[details= Justifications] [u][/u]You can NOT play online with these in your name. It will kick you when you try to play the game.[b][/b]
This, like buttons, needs to be typed in the hexadecimal side of the editor
Here are the values

[b]0a - This is the only one I have tried. How it works is that it justifies (moves) all text after it to the left side of the “text box”
For example when you get killed it will say “Cheater912 [Deagle Picture] Professor Oak” but with this value in your clan tag, it will justify your name over to the right so Professor Oak overlaps Cheater912 so it now says “[Barely legible] [Deagle Picture] [” Since you can not put the code before the first bracket of your clan tag, it will always be unchanged.

0d - This is the same as pressing the “enter” or “Return” key while typing. It will move everything after it one line down.[/b][/details]




Change your clan tag to one of the things I have entered below. Each 2-character code corresponds to one special character/button in your clan tag

After you change your clan to the 2 character text code, press done

Now click change clan tag again and usually a little box will be there

Press done again and the special character/button will show up

A button - ÁA
B button - ÁB
X button - ÁC
Y button - ÁD
Left Bumper - ÁE
Right Bumper - ÁF
Start Button - ÁN
Back Button - ÁO
Left Stick - ÁP
Right Stick - ÁQ
Left Trigger - ÁR
Right Trigger - ÁS
Up (Dpad) - ÁT
Down (Dpad) - ÁU
Left (Dpad) - ÁV
Right (Dpad) - ÁW
Vertical Justification - ÁJ
Left Justification - ÁM

Don’t forget to say thanks if you thought this was helpful.


I have used these for awhile but I can not guarantee any safety for the integrity of your profile while you use this modification.
I have not seen too many people using them so I am unaware of any punishments they are dealing out for them, but I do know people can easily report you in-game for “cheating” and most will be more than happy to.
I suggest using these sparingly.

I wouldn’t mind trying this, but i’m too busy actually playing the game!


My Friend Did This. Tom And i Recorded reactions lol

…and have fun getting reported by ten thousand people and getting banned.

With the ingame report system, this will be banned quickly.

Hmm… Don’t know if I wanna try this or not. Don’t want to get banned.
#2nd acc

I want to try this so bad! But I’m not going to I don’t want to risk being banned.

Ugh… It’s Mw2 all over again… I’ll just wait for them to stop banning people for modded lobbies just like they did in mw2 and refer back to this post. >.>

They have teams dedicated to watching reports and such, so I think it’ll be a strict game.

Then why can we do a simple GPD mods AGAIN…

You will probably be reported and banned… Just saying

Because I don’t believe any game has prevented that without updates.
Doesn’t even matter, you’ll get banned and complain on the forums.

Just like EVERY other mod EVER invented online?.. The second post is a Disclaimer.

I’m so bored.

[details=Open Me]That I made this :confused:

Does it work?

Before doing this, especially the gamertag edit, I suggest watching some videos on the tool ‘Vulcan’ used by xbox live enforcement agents, you mod/change your gamertag in any way that you’re not meant to, you will be found and they give out permanent 9999 bans now, don’t believe me go check xbox support forums, see how many people are replied to daily for 9999 ban threads with the reason as modding their gamertags.

yo bro dose this work? please Let us download it! :thumbsup:

Not yet, I’m still working on it.

Is it esey to get banned of this?