Come trade your Mountain Dew/Doritos codes!

Icealong just reminded me last year for Mw3 and it worked out well so figured we would allow this again. If you have any codes you would like to giveaway or trade please post here. There is no trading for cash, virtual currency, real world or virtual items. If you are caught doing so disciplinary actions will be taken.

We will also allow the trading of preorder codes.

Do not PM staff! We don’t want to hear if the codes don’t work.

I’m ready to trade about 175 matches

I have 10 codes that have 120 matches total and I can add more for the 3 match bags.
Please only message me if you have a reasonable number close to mine.

How are these codes being redeemed already? Do they double up on each other or must you wait until one expires to use another? What are the semantics?

I have several codes, just not sure of the best way to use them, as I don’t have all of the information.

Because the codes are printed on the side of the bag they make it so every code can be redeemed twice due to people taking the codes and not buying them

Not sure if I redeemed this or not but it was laying on my floor in my room lol . Here ; K6FNNLLCAB .

I have about 12 “3 match” doritos codes left right now. I’ll be going to the store tomorrow to snap more pics of codes. Gonna try to get about 50 codes tomorrow. For now, you can PM me and trade 12 for 12 though.

I’m kind of mad that they are doing the whole mtn dew double XP thing for this game. Barely any retailers around me even sell the specially marked products, and it’s just going to be totally unfair when people will be ranking up at a ridiculously higher rate for getting like 100+ matches of double XP. IDK, that’s just my opinion but I guess for those who can get the codes it’s cool.

So dumb that people can just go and take pictures of the codes though on the doritos without purchasing the item. If I purchased a bunch of the products and it told me the codes were used already I’d be pissed.

99% of places have the new mtn dews, specifically gas stations
as far as Doritos check wal mart check outs, they will have the small bags that go for 3 matches but very few places I see dont have anything bigger.

I know this. You answered a question I did not ask!

Yeah I’m gonna check my local 7-11. I’m at college right now so sometimes it’s hard to go check places w/ my busy schedule. ShopRite down the hill didn’t have them but I never thought to go to 7-11 drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

anyone want to trade with me? I have like tons of codes :smile:

I’m also willing to do trades for this as well.

I have 2 codes to trade PM me guise.

Someone spare a few for a poor Brit?

Are these available in the UK anyway?

Here’s a code for whoever wants it: HYNLFZZ7FP

Sure man hit me up, I got around 120 games of ( Mega XP )

I am also willing to trade, send me a PM Here. I am also willing to trade my Dead Eye helmet for someone’s Locus helmet.

Ill post more when I get sum

So far I have snatched all of teh codes! Thanks so much guys!

I have 80 matches worth of codes to swap with someone if anyone wants :smile:

you got aim?