Command & Conquer: Generals Cheats and Trainer

Will you be make one for zero hour?

Dont work with 1.8 can you fixed pls??

2 Years and no have update for this trainer … . . . .

this trainer dont work in any versions idk how create this

Hello all Commanders out there in cyberspace.

At first trying to get the trainer working just for Generals seemed impossible though it was fine with zero hour expansion (Origin Version).

However I did find the answer in the forum and as of the date of this post I can confirm the trainer works with Generals, but it comes with a caveat which are likely down to Origin rather than the Trainer.

If you keep option 3 and 4 on during game play you and your opponent’s side will be invulnerable. Don’t know if others have come across this.

The way around is to build your base and units up to what you require before combat then disable options 3 and 4 in the trainer allowing you to destroy your opponents.

There is also an issue when using option 1 (Money) when playing GLA, when the
game moves on to next levels where the goal is to collect specific amounts Money,
as sometimes the game carry’s over money from previous level played.

If your balance is more than the amount to collect in the new mission the game automatically thinks you have won and ends the current mission before you can actually play it.

This is annoying but I’m 99.99% sure that its an issue relating to Origin who are known for blocking various ways of altering games played through their platform.

But having spent a little time playing around with the game the answer to this issue is to only ever have a maximum balance of around $20,000 and then use trainer again for the same amount when your funds need replenishing.

Cheers :smiley:

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no works at all on origin

Ok so the issue I am having currently is that it finds the game fine sometimes it doesn’t find the game… but I can’t activate all the cheats, maybe only one. When I do try and activate the other cheats it makes a noise as if it’s an error can’t do that cheat. Please anyone can you help me with this, it used to work fine like a week ago. Now suddenly its broken…