Community Event | GTA V - Xbox One!

So, it’s been a while since we did a community event and we as a team have decided to run a GTA V session for the Xbox One. This is just a normal game but a lot of the staff members will be on. We have chosen GTA V as we can have 32 people in one session which is a lot more than any other game can offer!

The event will be at 7PM (EST) so 12AM (GMT) on this coming Friday!

Post your gamertags and we’ll have a list waiting to invite you!

Thanks guys!

I’ll definitely be up for it! I’m not sure if I have you on my new profile so if not my gamertag is CoolPanther1074. Look forward to playing with you guys, can never find anything to do when I play GTA online myself haha.

That’s an issue that I’m sure a lot of us experience and this will be a great way. Hopefully we can fill a whole lobby!

Yeah it should be a lot of fun. I don’t play with people from here too much these days so it will be nice to talk to everyone again and hopefully some of the newer members take part too.

Can’t wait to mercilessly blow everyone up with sticky bombs.


Glad to see my idea coming to fruition this should be fun.

Can I recommend doing races/missions as well as free roam. Those will be fun with loads of peeps.

Whoa man. Cool it. I’ll be blowing you away with my minigun muhahahaha. :smiley:

My GT is l BLAKEonXBOX l. I can’t wait to see everybody in the game! Thanks for this.

The man 294447

This is still on! Post your gamertags below for an invite later today!

Starts in a few hours, last chance people.

Gonna give away a $10 MS card to one lucky person!

v Sneaky Raptor

I will most likely hop in :smile:

Well my birthday is in 3 days, that is when I am getting GTA V, but I would play if I could.

We are hoping to do more of these in the future.

I’ll join for a bit, my gamertag is Guardian Azrael. Invite me whenever

I may be a little late to the party, I’m going to get pizza!

EDIT - Back from getting pizza :smile:

My headset broke the other night and I’m waiting on a replacement coming from Amazon which should be here tomorrow. I’m also tired, so unfortunately I won’t be participating tonight. Hope you do another one again soon, preferably on a Saturday night.

I’ll play, GT: moLsture
How much longer so i’ll know when to come on?

We started, there’s only like 4 people :anguished: