Community Event Suggestions

The last event we just had was on the Xbox One playing “Grand Theft Auto 5: Online”. I was unable to attend this event myself this time but I have heard that it was a great success by reading through some feedback that had been posted.

I created this thread for the community to use, to include any and all of your ideas for future community events. This should hopefully help the Staff to organise the events too, they can just look here for ideas. Some information you might include when posting a suggestion are; Prizes to be won (if any), title of the game to be played, what type of game mode (Team Death Match, Base Capture, a Race etc.), what platform it will be played on, a time & date for the event to take place. These are just some things you might include when posting below.

Here is a template you may find useful;-

Game Title:
Game Mode:
Time & Date:
Additional info:

I hope this thread helps and I look forward to seeing what you come with!

Game Title: League of Legends
Platform: PC
Game Mode: ARAM
Time & Date: Whenever
Additional info: Ashe or gtfo.

^ League of Legends but a 5v5 tournament if we can get enough members

I’d play, but don’t be expecting any kind of diamond / platinum play out of me. Or much of anything, haven’t played the game in so long.

It’s okay I don’t even expect Diamond play out of Diamond players anymore

Game Title: Battlefield 4
Platform: Xbox One
Game Mode: TDM
Time & Date: a Friday or Saturday night.
Additional info: None.

Game Title: Minecraft
Platform: 360 and One
Game Mode: Survival, but building.
Time & Date: Saturday & Sunday

Game Title: Dota 2
Platform: PC
Game Mode: There shall be only one
Time & Date: Friday night?
Additional info: If you play and play as Riki, I dislike you.

The main issue with the community event that we just had was that very few people said they would be up for it and even then most people still didn’t turn up. I think there were 6 of us, 2 left after like 30 minutes and then I left after like an hour and a half. The times were also a little annoying as it didn’t start until 12 midnight.

If we can get it going on at a suitable time it could help people getting more people to turn up and as for a game just anything popular that supports a decent amount of people.

I fully support this.
I have 2,000 ARAM games. I want this lol

I see your view point. However, there will always be people that won’t turn up for some reason when they have said that they will. Unforeseen events and circumstances effect us all. The only thing we can do is organise community events with as much notice as possible, this will give everyone a fair opportunity to receive advanced notice.

I think it’s important as well to not have community events too often because if we did, then the novelty will wear off and it will not be as unique or enjoyable as it could be.

Perhaps if/when you make a suggestion for a future community event, you can include in the “Additional Info:” section something stating what time-zone your in and maybe the event can be coordinated to a more suitable time for everyone. But we will never please everybody. if it’s convenient for one, it won’t be for another.

I got GTA V for the One, so I am good for a GTA V community event.

I was thinking a Battlefield Hardline Beta event on Xbox One.

Anyone else have suggestions? We would like to plan this early so hopefully staff can free up some time. It is extremely hard with us all being in different time zones to find times when we are all on.

Game Title: Battlefield 4
Platform: Xbox One
Game Mode: Rush / Conquest
Time & Date: Friday or Saturday evening @ 22:00 BST.
Additional info: If enough come along, I will buy a server for the event and we can either team up as a forum against random players or square of against each other in Rush or a TDM. Maybe only using Knives and pistols only or just C4 etc?!

Game Title: Titanfall
Platform: Xbox One
Game Mode: Any/Private Match
Time & Date: Friday or Saturday evening around @ 22:00 BST.
Additional info: We could mix it up a little a use only a certain Loadout or weapon.

Game Title: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Platform: Xbox One
Game Mode: Free-for-all/Gun Game
Time & Date: Friday or Saturday evening around @ 22:00 BST.
Additional info: Winner to receive a 1 month Diamond Membership (I will pay for it if I must)

seem no one plays on xbox 360 anymore :l

I would but I got rid of most of my 360 games now. I only got GTA5 left and some Assassin’s Creed games. I even sold CoD4 :cry:

I still got the 360 and the One. :wink:

Game Title: Battlefield 4
Platform: Xbox One
Game Mode: Rush / Conquest (prefer HC)
Time & Date: My schedule is alternating and random sometimes.