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[Community Research] Xbox One & Modding


Here is the args.txt file that is no longer present:


0x30C too. The one at 0x32C appears to be an unused slot.


Unless I’m completely wrong about this, but to break the SHA-2 hashing algorithm, wouldn’t you just need to find a code/message/password that generates the same hash?


Exactly, but that is the reason they upgraded to SHA2, the chances of that happening are a lot less.
It can still happen, but it would take a long time to find a collision, and the data that generates the same hash is unlikely to be of any use.


Seems the byte at 0x284 determines the number of hashes, like an enum.





Wouldn’t it make it easier to reverse engineer the encryption with the same data they’re using to generate their hashes? (Just speculating here)


The logical order would probably like this:
-Use some magic to decrypt the NAND
-Research the Executables
-Reverse Engineer the Executables
-XVD Stuff



Unrelated to modding, but just also found this image.


In a first for Xbox, it looks likely that Xbox One will support mods.

Following news that any Xbox One can be used as a dev kit, it was asked on Reddit if this means the console would support mods.

“It’s up to developers to support that,” answered Microsoft’s Major Nelson. “These are two very different things.”

His answer suggests that the capacity for modding is there, if developers create games in a way that will support it.

Xbox and Xbox 360 didn’t allow for mods but the recent Xbox One policy changes are positioning the new console to be the most open console Microsoft has made to date.

We’re still doubtful we’ll see mods on Xbox One titles but this is the closest Microsoft has come to allowing them to happen on its console.

this is interesting, apparently if developers incorporate the ability to modify their game, it will be capable on the X1.


Bit random …but I was thinking and curious.

If everything thats possible to figure out about the xbone is figured out…could someone literally build an xbone in a similar way one would build a hackintosh… same/extremely similar parts …mod NAND/HDD whatever…and fake a few things.

Completely hypothetical and wouldnt be for years if possible …but is it…possible?

…Also as it is 64 bit…if it is jtagged …could a full version of windows be run on it as a dual or just windows on its own without gaming capabilities?


Not really possible unless you get an ISO of the OS’s used and the customised hypervisor used for the X1.


It’s possible. We could see an Xbox One emulator in the future.


I know its just complete speculation but what type of pc would you need to run an xbone emulator
Windows would probably only use as much as the background stuff in xbone so possibly something close to xbone power?

Also, if it did get made and was popular …could/would xboxmb or others setup an online multiplayer system where you could play multiplayer through the emulator over the pc,s connection?.. that would be kinda epic…xboxmb,s own version of xbox live…you could even include it in Diamond membership.


The wise one has spoken;)


No, you’d need the specific hardware.

No developers will take the time to build a tool that potentially “ruins” their game. If anything they would incorporate more settings into it.


Games are, fundamentally, big Windows 8 apps. They’ve been pushing that app architecture for some time now and have stated that developers could port Windows 8 applications over with “minimal effort”.

Once packages are extracted, you can probably see similar metadata to a Windows Store application. There are probably XB1 specific libraries, but the architecture mimics a 64 bit Windows PC more than ever compared to the Xbox 360.


Maybe some investigation into Win8 apps would provide some insight.


You’re talking about multiplayer games, why on earth would a developer create the ability to modify multiplayer patches. I’m talking about single player campaigns and games. Bethesda created mod tools for PC for their SP skyrim game, and it kept skyrim alive and fun to play, so actually, it doesn’t “ruin” their games in the slightest, it makes them more enjoyable when you’ve already completed the main story mode.


BF2 had an SDK and people made MP mods (there was no SP, really). I think the general scene has changed to a point that it is a liability to support this, though.