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[Community Research] Xbox One & Modding


I find it funny you say that because when I was writing that post I thought nothing about multiplayer. No developer will make multiplayer mods, and the same goes for single player, and as I obviously put quotes around my “ruin,” that implies that I didn’t think it would ruin the game either, but they still rather just have more settings than create a tool.


They don’t “make” mods. Most of them just don’t add checks to see, for example, if you have over the max amount of bullets in your gun.



Game devs don’t make mods… they just don’t want to recheck their work. Therefore cheater exploits them :smile:.


Your argument is invalid as Bethesda made mod tools for skyrim.


Games that have mod support on the PC will usually have it on the console, but they’re not meant to be used.


As Cheater912 said, those are meant for PC. This thread is about the Xbox One, so I would think you would know I meant it towards console games.


It wasn’t a mod tool it was a creation kit they used to make stuff for the game not modding it.


modding just means modifying, they were modifying their games with a creation kit, still modding, still a modification tool.


inb4 this goes off topic and turns into a slagging match


You can now format any HDD to work with your Xbox One.

It was reported to work with 1TB hard drive.


Holy chitcakes…it has truly begun then…mwahahhahah (Kefka style)

…oh and is that lea michelle in your sig?


It’s a hard disk size expansion because the HDD sizes aren’t signed like on the 360. Let’s not get too excited now… still have a long way to go before we get actual modifications or exploits going.


No screw that…this is somthing that hasnt even been done on the 360 and its already working on xbone… I shall laugh like kefka and smash a windows tablet with a 42 inch sony bravia…mwahhahaha.


I understand, but in my previous post I explained why this is possible on the One while it isn’t on the 360 (no signed HDD security sector with fixed sizes). It won’t ever be done on the 360 as long as Microsoft enforces that signature but this time around they chose not to limit the HDDs to fixed sizes.

This is really cool, but there was no security bypassed or anything in that sense, so not much has “began” is what I’m saying in terms progress towards console exploits (like driver firmware or unsigned code). Just don’t want people reading too much into what this means.


Oh I understand that it is,nt a mod/glitch/hack just a rework of a HDD to run on the Xbone…but it will still be epic to just grab a spare 2TB HDD and put it in …instead of buying one for like 200+ from M$.


Do you think perhaps this removal of the security sector could hint towards the future HDD upgrades? I see this as them trying to make the upgrade process to be a tad easier on the users’ end.

Precisely. Reformatting a drive is as simple as clicking a button. Progress will be posted as soon as it is made. Yes, this is a nice bonus, but this isn’t laying the ground work of anything.


The only issue I see with that is you’d have to open the console and void your warranty…


They have said they will support external support in the future, so a 1/2TB USB HDD should be suitable in the future.


I realize that, I was referring to the latest thing about replacing the internal HDD.


Yeah I know, but not many people are going to crack open their xbox to install a new 1TB HDD. Most people will wait until external storage is supported, this information is just good know as they know they can straight out by at least a 1TB usb HDD to use when external storage is supported, people are now aware there isn’t any cap like on the 360.