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I’m certain you need a linux distro installed to your laptop/pc to run that python script though, they haven’t made a windows app yet.

Im building multiple Android Distro´s for a few devices every day, you can have a Linux Distro on your PC while running Windows :wink:
I just dont have a NAND Dump at hand … I dont even have my XbOne yet ^^


Xbox One Devkit mode has been discovered.

In the Settings menu go to System then enter the the combination: LB - RB - LT - RT. You will be greeted by an extra option on the far right. Once you open it you will get a screen like this:

Details covered up:

IP - | The Local IP of the Console.
Tools IP - | IP of the PC running the development tools?
Kernel version - 6.2.10210.0
Shell version - 6.2.10210.0 (xb_rel_launch.131118-1159) fre
DR0 - <REDACTED> | Looks like a SHA256 hash.

Looks like that the Xbox One needs to be added to a list to enable the devkit.


what options does dev mode open? :0


Not sure yet. I have no clue about what is possible with it because I’m not going to test it out.


This isn’t an authorized development console.
If you’ve just joined the program, your console may not be activated in XDP. Wait 30 minutes and try again. If that doesn’t work, check with your asset manager.


I’ve added this to the main post, great find frankie :smile:


Waaat. That is mad.


First person whos going to be banned on Xbox LIVE using an Xbox One ^^


This won’t be a bannable offence, it’s a button combination that was obviously purposely put into the console.


That goes in line with their statements saying every XB1 is a devkit. But you have to be registered to use any of these options.
Even if you could force-enable devkit mode, it is probably heavily sandboxed to prevent abuse like there was on the 360.


Very interesting thread.


It’s likely that even if you force enabled it, you’d have basic permissions, perhaps the account you are suppose to login with, gets different permissions granted to it for different access levels to just how much you can do with the devkit mode enabled.

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Posted 22nd November


Lots of things going on in here, that’s what i like, things.


Nope, works fine on Windows ( Python 2.7 ).


Dont mess with this:


As far as I know the ID@Xbox program isn’t even close to being ready yet, so it’d be a good idea to not mess around with the devkit settings as it can cause your X1 to go into an infinite boot loop.


Anyone have any more news?