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[Community Research] Xbox One & Modding


I checked that site. It’s pretty much you arguing with a Shark.

Seems a bit…

to me.


I was just having a moment, actually Lucifer is my cousin.


An Xbox One RGH stealth server. Seems legit


Shark AKA TTG Shark the one who made the first Xbox 360 Dev Kit


so he must work for microsoft if he created the dev kit.


Modded Dev Kits


I read the chat. Amusing.


I hope you all get it soon. I refuse to play just cause 3 until it’s moddable via retail xbox one…-:wink:


Hey, im able to browse the contents of the xboxs system files to an extent. anybody interested?

New x1 update

Yes, what are you using to do that?


Its the File Explorer app they included in the recent preview update. it ■■■■■■ up and showed me a system folder, from there i got to the drives. it shows me different EXEs and DLL files. I can copy those files to a flash drive.

The file system looks almost exactly like windows 10. There is even a Gamemode.dll file in the system 32 folder


Yes, please extract as many files as you can and message me.


Unfortunately they updated my xbox while i was at work. The app got shut down and I havent been able to get it to show the folder to me again. I have some random useless files if you want them.


Yoooooooo that sucks dude…


Figured out how to get to system files again reliably until it gets patched. what would you be looking for? there is a lot in here.


All of the files would be nice so we can compare them!


Any luck?? If youre successfully copying the unencrypted system files over to usb then this could be the huge breakthrough we have been waiting for. Do us a favor and keep your xbox one unplugged. When you do plug it in/turn it on make sure your internet is off. This could be really really good stuff. Copy everything over and upload it as soon as possible.


Goodness it took awhile and many errors. There are a lot of missing files i think, folders in which have different permissions and wont let me see whats actually in them (it just says empty folder on the xbox so i just created the folder in this zip with nothing in them just to keep the file structure). Personally i’m interested in the file in the C drive/windows/system32 folder called xcrdutil.exe. i can actually run that one on my pc and it sounds like it will let you create an xbox external hard drive without the size limit!


Have fun :slight_smile:

The root folders are the names of the different partitions and most of the partitions had a root folder called WPSystem that it wouldnt let me copy even though it showed nothing in it. The app crashed one time and placed one of those empty folders on my flash drive and i could read what was in it on my computer. All it had were cache files.


Just want to let you know that some of the files have your profile’s xuid, which could allow Microsoft to connect you to this dump. If you used a dummy profile then you should be fine, but if you didn’t i’d suggest removing the link.


Thanks for the heads up!