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[Community Research] Xbox One & Modding


@unknown_v2 anyone had any break throughs? checking in 4 years later.


This is thread is all we got.


it might actually be on there to let the developers access it easier all though i do not think he will get banned its possible this was not supposed to be seen but they put it on here so sooner or later someone had to find it.


hey guys im new to this community and i currently have a xbox one xdk console which sadly is banned :frowning: Ive been tinkering around with it and was wondering if dumping the nand would be worth it? I also found a bios battery on the motherboard which i havent found on other motherboards. Anyone know anything about it?

here are some photos-


We’ve had nand dumps since the console launched so I don’t really think it worth the time to do it. I probably wouldn’t put a lot of time into current gen Xbox One with scorpio coming out in a few months.


There are ways to get usb mods, so assuming you can also download load a XUID spoofer or a hasher tool, you may be able to launch it just the same way as a modded 360


Anyone have an estimate for when this mod tool will be out?


There is no mod tool.


So very sad…


Perhaps its time for this thread to finally be closed?


Why would we close it? We don’t close other threads just because they sit idle.


This thread specifically is irrelevant now. It’s very unlikely anyone will be working on Xbox One exploits when there’s the new consoles on the market. However if you think it’d be better to maybe update the thread title to be more generic to the newer console version too then I can understand keeping it going.


What new consoles? Xbox one is still the newest console MS is producing.


He’s from the future


xbone S & xbone X are different to the xbox one…


No they’re just upgraded versions.
After all they’re called xbone one X and S.
If theres a exploit found for the xbox one it most likely will work for the others


HelP! i GoT my new Xbox and i CanT find haxbox one hax here???


It’s like saying xbox 360 hacks should work one xbox one cause its just an upgraded version


Uhh… Okay… Mr IT expert.


Wow what a toxic person you are. It isn’t illogical to give thought to the idea that there are modifications with the S and X versions that could render any exploit found for the xbox one useless for the other consoles and vice versa. To say that isn’t a possibility with no exploits around to confirm what you’re saying you’re just talking rubbish.

Save the toxicity for online multiplayer, you’re expected to be capable of keeping a certain level of maturity on online forums.