Company of Heroes 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hello,the game is updated,cheating does not work.

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It works fine for me after the update.

Read the comments! people are ticked off that the game doesint work because the cheats were not tested with the update before updating the trainer. not only that, 2 cheats are missing a prior version had because they were deleted/removed from the trainer, instant troop cooldown and instant construction.

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Good luck on getting anyone to respond to any of this :frowning:

yeah speaking of those missing cheats–can they be re-added please!

Yeah…instant build is surely missed :frowning:

I wonder, Company of Heroes 2 is a 32-bit game, why now the trainer become 64-bit?

Relic updated the game to be more stable that is why it became 64 bit years after its release, The only sad thing about it is that Mrantifun updated the trainer hastily and did not include the missing buttons that makes the game more fun after all this years. Up until now there has been no updates or any answers to the request. :frowning:

Sad to know that…

At this point i dont think the trainer is never gonna get updated…

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pls update for 64 bit beta

What about custom games with friends? Will trainers work for this?

Trainers are not designed to work in multiplayer games.

Trainers work by injecting code into memory addresses in your PC’s RAM that the game is running from.
Since online games run on a server hundreds of miles away from you, there are no memory addresses in your PC to inject code into.

There is a limited exception, which is when running a private server from your own PC, however trainers will only affect the host of the server, not others who join it.

Hi Mods, May we ask when will be the next update for the trainer will be released a long time has already passed and the missing buttons are still not added. We can Vote for it to be updated again they just have to enable it in the options of the Wemod Trainer.

Could you guys add unlimited Requisition for the campaign?

Please add instant construction and instant recruiting, thank you!

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Another small issue, I found that AI also seems to be affected by Instant Skills Cooldown.

It used to be a thing but was removed for some reason because I used to play with it all the time and miss it now.

quick question what is SAM?

anyone know why when playing the story you dont get achievements when playing with wemod on?