Company of Heroes 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

god mod isn’t working, I agree it should be updated!
did try launching the game and waiting to be completely in the game before activating, but it doesn’t work


Will there ever be a change from set to just unlimited resources ? What about Instant Construction and instant production as well ?

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Please update the trainer for v1.4.2

Please update the trainer. The cheats do not work in Singleplayer campaign. Changes don’t stick and eventually cause crashing. Thank you!!


Aight, got it. Will relay this to the team for review and testing. Will keep you posted.


I received news from the testing team. They confirmed that all mods are working as intended. Also Tested on Skirmish, and they were working. On the campaign, it works, but the resources are capped at some point. Unli HP, one-hit kills, and instant skills CD work.

If you are having trouble loading the mods, please try to verify your game integrity files and manually link your game exe to WeMod. Follow the steps here to link your game. Why can't WeMod find my installed game?

Thank you for the update.

My issue is that resource modifiers such as population cap increase doesn’t roll over into next turn so production queue halts and the game can’t be saved and has to be restarted/reloaded

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I see, but If you could upload a clip of the exact issue on your end so that I can include it when relaying it back to our team, that would be awesome so they can try to replicate it as well.

Hi I tried the trainer Tuesday it worked some the God mode works in a battle but not on the world map, ammo, fuel and man power worked somewhat worked sometimes. Set max pop didn’t work at all and neither did set current pop. never tried 1 hit or instant cooldown. Today I try to use the trainer and it just crashes the game if i try to end a turn in the campaign. Game files have been checked and i get a crash box that’s all … Thank you for the trainer tho

I have the same issue.

How to recover from crashes. Open WeMod but do NOT hit Play. Load into your game as normal and END your turn. Once turn completes, then click Play in WeMod then END your turn again and it should start working as normal. That is the only way I was able to recover my save/progress.

Seems like the Cooldown cheat isnt working correctly.