Company of Heroes 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The game was not updated when he posted this comment

Current game version is
The game is being patched daily or every other day, as it is at the moment.
To some extent, it would seem that they are trying to combat cheating in online matches.

So, to all of us using this trainer or others (this includes myself!):

  • Please, do NOT use this while playing online. Not even in coop.
  • Give the trainer developers time to work on the trainer, it takes time.
  • We have to understand that while the game is being patched so frequently, it will be harder for the trainer guys to keep up.

@MrAntiFun and the rest of you trainer developers: You are highly appreciated, and we thank you for what you do!

hope to see command points for story like company points and the no cd on all abilities

i keep getting the Fatal SCAR Exception Error thing on the campaign and idk what do i think the mods broken my game

Today’s patch broke the trainer for singleplayer. Worked fine last night before the patch. Dangit. :frowning:

EDIT: NM got it working, had to move around a bit in the campaign map first.

We MUST have a quick update on this cheat. Half of them dont work in-game, and nothing works on the dynamic map campaign, where we pass most of our gameplay on.
Also, what happened to “unlimited ressources/CPs” ? Fast construction ? Fast production ? No fog of war ?

it doing the same thing to me and idk what to do

Info ; cheats work on the battlemap - put of - one hit kill and unlimited healt.
use only supply’s - then its possible to fly your dakota plane to reinforce your compagnies on land.
i’ didn’t used max manpower, played the campaign with only 5 land compagnies.


You must turn off Unlimited health, One-hit kills, and Instant Skills Cool-down before you transition to battle map from campaign map, and vice-versa otherwise you will get the Fatal Scar Exception Error

Soo don’t know what all happened but, at about 230pm today all cheats no longer work at all. Don’t know if it’s some surprise update they did for the steam version or what but having played it all day and it suddenly stops is quite annoying.

They still work, might just need to restart your game. I’ve had the game glitch out and cause the cheats not to work, just have to save and log all the way out of the game and restart. Usually does the trick.

Already tried it twice once from Steam once through Wemod neither worked more than the first few seconds.

That’s strange. Mine work, although the game has gotten more glitchy after the last couple of patches. Been having issues with the partisan faction not starting up and my first set of reinforcements spawning out at sea :smiley: But the cheats still work for me. I’m at a loss for your issue though:( Hopefully someone can help figure it out.

I mean I know they have a lot on their plate and as fun as the game can be they have my full support on however long it takes in the end! I as well did notice a bit of glitchy Ness like with saving the commandoes they insta-died when I had cheats enabled. So, I can wait to play the game needs more to it anywho IMO.

happy to see this was made can’t wait to see what cool stuff is added to the mods as well as the game its self


hey could we get updated on this trainer. rn the game keeps crashing after the latest update. nor does any of those cheats work well. set max population doesnt work. nor does the current population one. it works in battles. but not on the main map keeps resetting after a battle.

and too all the makers of this mod including MrAntiFun thank you. MrAntiFun i hope working for wemod worked out splendid.

from a long enjoyer of all the hard work, Me.

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Agreed, we hope to see the cheats reworked a bit, see the return of the “unlimited” resources cheats, as well as the fast build/units productions, as well as specific cheats for the dynamic map campaign.

As well, still a good work to have release the basics so soon.


i keep crashing when i try take a new sea port airfield .the mods or something need to be fixes badly

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instant builds and units also needs unlimited pop.