Company of Heroes 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Company of Heroes 3 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Yeah, tbh I dont see any improvements. Still crashes. During enemy’s actions, when creating units, when capturing points…We also still have to reactivate ressources cheats again and again after each actions, from our own or the enemies. And still a good part of the originals COH cheats missing.


nope the mods still crash the game :frowning:


Still the same issues as before. Crashing in between battle and campaign map, resources do not work right (have to reactivate them every action). Even population only works for a little bit, so if you are already over the base pop, you can’t get any more units on the campaign map


hello team, my game keeps crashing when i upload the wemod cheats in single player, please help, perhaps we may need to update? could you also please add instant recruiting and building? thanks

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Also please help on this game does crash and campaign map while clicking end turn when the mod is on? I have no idea why? but the game will crash from time to time on this.

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The cheats work fine for me, but it would be great if there were Italian Campaign exclusive cheats, such as Infinite/Add skill points for your battlegroups, and a cheat to boost loyalty.

Hi all, today, 20/03/2023 ,unfortynately, my trainer doesen’t work :frowning:

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I believe they are reworking it as of today. They cant leave the cheats in this state, and without as much as the last title, especially without the option for the Dynamic map campaign, which is specific to the Solo part of the game. Same for the Italian campaign.