Company of Heroes 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

it’s working but there some situation where you take hits, for example when the squad is pinned down they’re taking damage or with friendly fire among units together but in “larger” scale it is working.

Trainer is broken. Resource and pop cheats work just fine. At first. Then the game is soft locked and wont end turn or its stuck loading. When not using trainer it game works as normal. Trainer is the issue.

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Still is broken. Please update

PLEASE update…the game still soft lockes crashes!!!

Frage wieso hängt sich immer wieder mein Game auf

hy bro please update, not work for me. i use version game 1.42

Currently, the trainer is in the queue for updating.
You can view the queue list by navigating to Creators > Queue within the WeMod app.

If you want to receive a notification once the trainer has completed its update, hit the "Notify me" button on the trainer within the WeMod app. Also, if you’re a Pro member, you can influence its queue status using Boost.

Please update the trainer for v1.4.2

God mode doesn’t work, fix

The game has been patched to 1.6.0 please update the trainer.

Most cheats still work well however the infinite health cheat seems to work for some units but not for tanks if they are shot by infantry anti tank wepons or AT guns. Afrika corps bike mgs also damage infantry and infantry held weapons like BARs and Brens also do this. An update would be much appreciated.

Game does not show up in the creators list. The creators queue for updates only shows a top 12 and not the whole list. There is also no option to vote for the game or any others that may need updating.

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Strange, I can view more from the list. I just scrolled down to see them. Not sure why you can only see 12 on your end. Also, every Trainer goes through testing after a game update. When games receive updates, our system will detect them and mark them as requiring testing. After thorough testing, it’ll be considered for the creator queue if it needs an update.