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Company of heroes trainer

how do you start the cheats ?do i have to start the game 1st or do i start the trainer 1st trying to use the trainer for company of heroes legacy ed. from steam the game starts and the trainer starts but dose nothing no errors or msg just nothing

Welcome to WeMod. :slight_smile:

Do you have Company of Heroes Legacy Edition? There currently seems to be a compatibility issue between the Legacy Edition version of game and the trainer. As you can see from the comments here: Company of Heroes Cheats and Trainer for Steam.
I’m no expert but I’m guessing Legacy Edition needs a separate trainer from the original edition.

Either way, I’ll still explain how to use WeMod, just in case.

  1. Open your WeMod desktop app.

  2. Search for the game you want to play and select the most recent trainer for it.
    Write down, memorise or customise the hotkeys to your your preference (be sure they don’t conflict with in-game hotkeys).

  • If there is a “Play” button in the top-right, press it and your game will now launch. Once you are on the main menu, activate the cheats you want by pressing the relevant hotkeys. If you forgot them use the keyboard shortcut alt+tab to go back to WeMod.

  • If there is a “Fix” button in the top-right instead of a “Play” button, it is because WeMod cannot Find the game on your PC. This link will explain how to resolve that (there’s also a video):

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