Compatibility Issue between Intel Arc GPU and WeMod

Hi Everyone

I wanted to bring up an issue that some of us might be experiencing regarding the compatibility between Intel Arc GPUs and the WeMod software. For those who are not familiar, WeMod is a popular platform that provides game trainers and mods to enhance the gaming experience.

Recently, I upgraded my system with the new Intel Arc GPU, excited to take advantage of its powerful capabilities. However, when I attempted to use WeMod with certain games, I encountered some unexpected problems. It seems that there might be a compatibility issue between the Intel Arc GPU and WeMod software, causing certain games to crash or experience performance issues.

I have tested this issue with multiple games, and it consistently occurs when WeMod is active alongside the Intel Arc GPU. Disabling WeMod resolves the problem, but it means I can’t enjoy the benefits it offers. I have also made sure that my GPU drivers are up to date.

I wanted to reach out to the community to see if others have experienced a similar problem and if there are any known workarounds or solutions. If anyone has any insights, tips, or potential fixes for this issue, please share them here.

Additionally, I believe it would be helpful if we could bring this matter to the attention of both Intel and the WeMod development team. They may not be aware of the compatibility problem, and by collectively raising our voices, we might prompt them to investigate and address the issue more quickly.

If you have encountered this problem or have any information that could be helpful, please share your experiences in the comments below. Together, let’s find a solution and ensure that our gaming experiences with the Intel Arc GPU and WeMod are as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you all for your time and contributions!

Best regards,

This is definitely an interesting issue that we haven’t seen before. Which ARC GPU do you have? GPU really shouldn’t matter unless there is a bug with electronjs and arc gpus.