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Conan Exiles Cheats and Trainer for Steam


10/10 you made yourself look bad


My guess is your not Stingerr. Lol


Oh… Didn’t know that


So what I’m hearing is this just won’t be updated anymore?


No. What you’re hearing is other games have priority over this one


Could we get some update love on this beautiful piece of work you have created for us please.


i cant run the trainer with the game pls help!


Added it to my work queue, will get to it sometime soon as i am done with more popular titles


ty bro


NOTE: Use this only in single player mode, with battle-eye turned off. And read the notes before using any of the mods.

Start the game first in non battle-eye mode and then click Start in infinity. tried that yet still they don’t work I can hear the enable sound but they don’t stay on.


Yea… you need to read more.
The trainers don’t work
Stinger will update it when he can.
For now you’ll have to play legitimately without cheats


Looking forward to this update :slight_smile:


This was added to the Humble Bundle recently so you might see more people requesting an update. Just fyi.


it dos need a update the ver the traner is is not same as the game


The Conan Exiles cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Knowledge Points cheat added
  • Add 10K XP cheat added
  • Unlimited Stamina cheat added
  • Ghost Mode cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


welp looks like the game updated the 13/8


Dang ah well back to using the admin based pannel until @STiNGERR updates that sucka. Much love @STiNGERR :heart:


@STiNGERR any chance of a ETA on update please? Thanks in advance


I see @STiNGERR is still updating the mod, so that’s good news. Question, I’m running a private (dedicated) server, without battle eye. Can this mod be used in that, or just while I’m offline in single player?


I love the Trainer, well it doesn’t work for me but all your trainers are sick but this is just to inform you that it doesn’t work with my (the latest) version

Update: I think It’s working now but idk what changed that made it work
Update 2: Now I’m certain it needs an update, some cheats crash the game
Update 3: now nothing works well I’ll have to wait for an update