Configure Wifi Router to Enable Link

Guys I am using a 4g Enabled wifi device. Device Model is Huawei E5172Bs-925. Can somebody please explain how to configure this router(UPNP,Port Forwarding) to my console to play LINK through WIFI?? Other settings i have configured. Just need to know how to configure the router. Thank You.

If you are looking to just configure your router and stuff, type your router address into your web browser as if it were a URL

the default router address tends to be somewhere along, but to find out just hit the start button on windows and type cmd into the search/run bar, then once command prompt comes up type in ipconfig and it will show you.

I don’t know the specific ports you are trying to forward, but they should be in a tab called something like applications and/or gaming.

I can find those port forwarding options. But don’t what to enter for those ports to configure the console to play online…

I did it same as this last night. But still My Data Port & Broadcast port failed during the Test. I entered 3074 as both Data and Broadcast port. Was it wrong the number i entered as D&B port. If so What should i do?

Or Should I do as this?