Connecting Xbox Devkit to Xbox Live?

i got an offer on my Devkit from THQ yesterday on a different forum, and he was talking about how he would buy it if as long as his XBLSE Lifetime would transfer over. I told him, from my own knowledge, that devkits can’t connect to retail xbox live servers. He insisted i was wrong.

I went to do some digging and am coming up with some mixed answers and seeing if anyone could help out here

From my knowledge, devkits can only connect to PNet, not xbox live. There just was never a way.

I looked through someone’s XDK Guide on se7ensins and found this

proving my point.

But in that same thread in the Q/A, i see this

Throwing me some mixed signals here…

i asked him about if it was possible, he just said yes and haven’t gotten a response back as to how.

I also tried search “XBLSE Xbox Devkit” and get the link below

Notice how it says “jtag/rgh/devkitonline access.” I’m just getting a bit confused on if this is possible or not, and if anyone knows how or why it wouldn’t be, that would be great!

It’s possible, you’d just need to make sure XBLSE supports development kits. I’m guessing it’s a system library being used(AKA plugin), so that would also be a problem. The reason why they’re not already adjusted to connect is because, obviously, the two servers require different host names and addresses.

well here, he claims it supports xdk

but i cant find anything on which is the free one now

Ask the developers.

[s]XDK’s connect to their OWN separate version of Xbox Live for debugging purposes. This version of Live cannot and will not be able to integrate with retail Xbox Live services. The reason they have it is to test marketplace/multiplayer in their games.

EDIT: XDK’s can only connect to PNET. Anyone telling you otherwise is bull****ting you and/or trying to scam you.[/s]

I guess they can.

Devkits can access Xbox Live by modifying what network they connect to.