Console banned for having halo 4

Just been console banned and gamertag banned for playing Halo 4


Might wana check all your consoles.

Knew this would happen LOLOLOL

**** me.

Were you playing with your xbox live account?

Dang bro, lol, That must suck!

That’s what you get for playing a game like a month or two early…

Yeah i was playing it with my XBL account.

Happened to all my friends too.

That sucks, but sh*t happens. Why didn’t you just wait? Like most people

It amazes me how many people still went online with ths 3 weeks early. :confused:

This game is microsofts baby.

I don’t understand why they ban player’s for playing the game early… this is stupid as hell. They’re to blame for the leak for hiring people to test run the game by game testers they’re the one’s releasing the game or someone from a gamestop or some sort… never know.

They can ban people for playing games early if they want to.

I’m not sure but maybe it’s because they illegally obtained the game and are playing it on a modified console?

Damn that is so unlucky! I wonder how they found out? Not like the game isn’t officially released for a month or something…

I played halo 4 for 3 hours and my Xbox/account hasn’t been banned yet. I was on my Jtag if that helps any, Trolololol.

It’s not the fact that you play it early, it’s that you have a modded console which is against the TOS.
If I had the game 3 weeks early, LEGIT GAME from Gamestop or something that I work at, I could more then likely contest the ban by saying look at the legit copy I bought. The company will get in ****, though. Big ****.

Owning a game early and playing it = fine.
Having a flashed and or modded console in general is against ToS, the only version of H4 that is out, is a rip of the game which you need a flashed or modded console to play.

I was stating what I thought and within a second after I posted everyone was quoting it… lol.

Veniim keep saying that you might get unlucky… but also he has no proof … as of now. Pictures or not the truth?

You wouldn’t mind forza horizon since thats out in 8 days for us and 12days for europe but playing halo 4 online you would want to be ******ed

Your time s coming. Get a spare console ready. :wink:


Just seen the white fonts. :laughing:.

Not if you’re a game reviewer :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I agree with StevieRox … but who in the hell follows the ToS on any companies product… It belongs too you … so f’em.

That doesn’t give you the right to play it early. It is in their TOS that any playing pre-release can get you banned.

same haha. thank god for backup consoles :thumbsup:

time to play again haha