Constant new trainers or working trainers?

Before I get to much into this I would just like to say I really love this app, as an avid user of cheat engine all the way from version 6 even older programs like cheat o matic (wonder how many will know of that jem :smiley: ) , being able to use a solid trainer “platform” then doing it the manual way and all the effort that comes with it… I am sure many know how tedious it can be to try give yourself unlimited health/mana in a game without any form of numerics…and then finding what writes to the address etc etc… So having a simple button and I have it is amazing… the constant out pour of trainers more so amazing… and the actual cheats that come with are just as amazing…

But back to the point… I see so many trainers coming out yet so many old trainers being outdated and not being resolved… I mean in specific with some of the games I have been playing… from total warhammer to battlefleet gothic armada… (older trainers) so I just basically thought I would say and ask if everyone else felt that working trainers rather than newer trainers would be preferred… like I mean you have added 3 games I have been desperately waiting for (Dead Cells and Northguard… I mean so far from the trainers I have used it looks like you have only 3/4 trainer makers so the work must be really intense… but just thought I’d share an opinion of someone who appreciates the effort you do… yet also just also so many games I have installed waiting for that update symbol :sweat_smile:

Otherwise thanks for the hardwork… can promise even some no pro members (:blush:) really appreciate what you do.

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We try to keep everything updated and push news games but it is hard when we have one cheat creator with over 200 games.

Exactly… I can tell I work in IT as well… might not be game industry but I know timing when it comes to dev… also just my own experience with CE…

The post was just I guess more of a… which would users like… like honestly I could deal with like 5 new games a month… yet always working trainers… yet I don’t truly have a place to complain either as a free user… just an opinion really… I mean it’s the option of either doing it myself or a click of a button… and I assure you anyone can answer that question :joy: anyway… plus you guys do cheats which I honestly donno how to pull off… aka shadow tactics perma invis… like wd to STN for that…

anyway not trying to step on toes… just sharing an opinion… if it’s a little overboard… please removeit :slight_smile:

Its alright with feedback :wink: Since you are not being a dick about it.

Either way, its a small team working on this.
They do their best to keep everything updated and keep making new trainers.

I would say they do a darn good job.
Comming back to your feedback though.

No system is perfect or foolproof.
So feedback should always be welcome so we dont go blind from our own achievements and keep improving :slight_smile:

I think @frank or @Zach should read it :slight_smile:

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Thanks, yeah I was like hoping it didn’t come across “dickish” like I mean it’s honestly so awesome, as a kid… I would use omatic and give unlimited unit caps in age of empires and dawn of war… or playing half life with unlimited ammo… then to cheat engine with more… but it was always tedious… then trainers came out… and you had to risk malware… to now one platform of people who actually give it collectively for free… I mean that’s pure awesome… and I want them all to know that especially for a small team as mentioned…

Well, i keep track of updates for my trainers ( ) and the ones that might need an update aren’t really “broken” in that just one cheat might not work etc. (or user errors) but still, they don’t stay outdated for more than a month at max (completely broken trainers gets fixed far quicker). TWW is up to date so i don’t know why you mentioned that.

I would be more than happy to just keep old trainers updated and not release any new ones. It would be pretty boring because i would be free the whole month with nothing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I might have used it but once i found out tsearch, that was all i used until it became obsolete.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re going to be releasing some exciting updates in the coming months to address the concerns you raised.

I think you’re going to like it. :slight_smile:

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I mentioned TWW cause I was having an issue which was also recently mentioned on the forum for it… where the user would use it and then it would stop working… specifically the unlimited movement … like I played the entire chaos campaign… but its typically when I battled (real time) that something would just bug out for a turn or 2… then be fine… so I think that’s why I mentioned it… but I am not picking on it… just was one of the few trainers I used with any sort of issue… I normally post anything if I have an idea but haven’t run into true issues besides Lords of the Fallen and Battlefleet gothic armada and one or 2 other titles…so no real complaints from me… it’s why I was trying my utmost best to just mention on it… if newer was better than any issues :stuck_out_tongue: Like I am terrified of posting any opinion online these days cause always someone is gonna get triggered even if the best intentions are met… just saying triggered is triggering these days…

I completely agree and it’s why as said you guys have released 2 games I pretty much spent all my points on… I can’t complain at all…

Gee… I was like really young and so enthralled by it that I thought that was the best thing since sliced cheese (if you remember the icon XD) but yeah so having you guys taking the minutes to hours to do the cheat tables etc… with all the extra fun stuff you have all added is totally amazing

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Absolute pleasure… as mentioned I am in IT… specifically in the QA specialist side so I enjoy breaking things seeing if they work… enhancements etc… yet have learned that developers hate us :sweat_smile: always try put it the right way… but otherwise thanks for the reply and I am definitely excited to see what’s coming :slight_smile:

This is a pretty friendly community. Be civil and keep your requests reasonable and you will be fine. If you start talking unintelligent ■■■■ about Infinity however the thread might turn into a circle-jerk about how great everything is.

The only malicious thing going on here are 10-year olds posting gibberish threads and people requesting new trainers by posting threads.