Contest 1 | Editing Contest for Black Ops: Prestige Edition



  • [s]Create your own video about Horizon.

  • It can be a tutorial, promo, how awesome Horizon is, or just show a tools in Horizon and what they can do.

  • You must include the Horizon intro, and only the Horizon intro as it might be uploaded to the XboxMB Youtube Channel. You can download it here. [b]Download Link[/b]

  • It can have commentary, and it can have clips of modded gameplay if that’s what your video is about. If you do include clips of modded gameplay, it must be done with a capture card. Make sure you aren’t using any other modding tool in the video.

  • You must post the uploaded YouTube video by 10/20/10 in this thread.

  • Then upload the video to MediaFire and include a download link to the video in the same post. This is in case we use it.

  • You must also subscribe to the XboxMB YouTube. YouTube - XboxMB’s Channel

  • The best video will be chosen based on quality, creativity, awesomeness, and the one the staff like the most.

  • Most important of all. HAVE FUN! :laughing:

Here’s an example of something we would be looking for. Except with the intro.

One Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition for Xbox 360

im on it

You got a typo.

It says
"One Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened Edition for Xbox 360"

Its supposed to be" One Call of Duty:Black Ops Prestige Edition for Xbox 360

link code is broken

imma do it 2morrow

nty lol dont haz capture card

To anyone that’s wondering about the intro download, Right Click the link and then hit “Save Link As”. You should be prompted to save the .wmv

Just trying to help.

This video was made to advertise horizon to the people who didn’t know it came back. And also a basic overview of what it is and does.

Download Link: YouTube - How to download horizon.mp4

I win. Cheater got egged in the face.

okay heres my entry:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

uh and the download link is here
xboxmb entry.mp4

download link: Horizon(

Me Entry :thumbsup:

Download the vid

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Its the link to the download ^

HD is not showing up but if you go to the actual youtube link it does.

Download here:

That intro is SICK
i will defiantly make a video

i have the same desktop =)

Halo 3 Modding Tutorial, hope I win! :thumbsup:

Can’t upload it to Mediafire it says the file is to big. Uploading it to right now.

Download -


Hope you Like It :smiley:


[b]Edit: Sorry forgot the intro and the editing file disappeared :anguished:


Good method of advertising and growing the site even more and great rewards nice work MB