Contest 2 | Slogan Contest for Black Ops: Hardened Edition

  • Create an originalslogan

  • It can be about the program Horizon or the site XboxMB.

  • It must be text only, and be created by YOU.

  • You must post the slogan in this thread by 10/13/10.

  • You may post 3 slogans, but they MUST be in the same post. Only one entry/post per person. Any other posts do not qualify or count and may make you subject to disqualification.

  • Do not comment on other slogans in this thread. Or post anything but slogans.

  • The best slogan will be chosen based on quality, creativity, awesomeness, and the one the staff like the most!

  • Post in this format.

Slogan 1:
Slogan 2:
Slogan 3:
  • Most important of all. HAVE FUN! :laughing:

[b]Here’s an example of something we would be looking for.

“XboxMB the best place on Earth.”[/b]

One Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardened Edition for Xbox 360

Slogan 1: XboxMb: Evolving the modding community.

Slogan 1:Horizon, you can’t reach it but you can sure mod it!
Slogan 2:Keep your eye on the horizon
Slogan 3:Love horizon and it will H4X0R your games.

on slogan 3 can you change “you” to “your”?

Slogan 1: It’s Modio! It’s Valhalla! NO ITS HORIZON!
Slogan 2: Horizon, so hot, it’ll burn.

Slogan 1: Horizon vs modi0… no competition.
Slogan 2: Got reach mods?
Slogan 3: Horizon goes past the horizon with modding.

Slogan 1: Mod anything beyond the Horizon

Slogan 1: Horizon: Taking the xbox experience to the next level
Slogan 2: XboxMb: Modding to start the gaming evolution
Slogan 3: XboxMb: The single most amazing site for mudkipz lovers

Slogan 1:You see horizons everyday get used to it!
Slogan 2:Doing work
Slogan 3:Horizon = AIO on crack

Slogan 1: Horizon. When Modding Turns Modded
Slogan 2: XboxMB, Modding is not an hobby, its an lifestyle.
Slogan 3: XboxMB, everything between Live modding, to gaming modding.

Okey, those where the only one’s that came up in my head.

Slogan 1: XboxMB, making modding easier, one step at a time.
Slogan 2:One site made it good, another site made it better, this site perfected it.
SLogan 3:Get your butt of TTG, and come on over to XboxMB! :smiley:

Slogan 1: Horizon, it’s like Modio but you need Diamond for all the good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
Slogan 2: Who said the transfer cable is dead?
Slogan 3: Don’t shut us down again :cry:

Slogan 1: Horizon is like orgasm , you can’ get enough
Slogan 2:Mod your sorrow with horizon 360
Slogan 3:horizon , We mod

Slogan 1:Horizon, when we rise, we shine
Slogan 2:Horizon, Diamond makes everything better…
Slogan 3:

can we edit our posts if we think of something new?

EDIT: No you can’t -Nookie

Slogan 1: XboxMB: Home of the hax
Slogan 2: XboxMB: The ultimate modding experience
Slogan 3: XboxMB: Beyond the Horizon

Slogan 1: XboxMB - Only Xbox modders get More Bitches
Slogan 2: Horizon - Modding never seemed so REACHable
Slogan 3: XMB - eXtra Means Better, go diamond!

The important stuff is in bold!

Slogan 1: Microsoft can suck on this!
Slogan 2: Avoid the banhammer
Slogan 3: We hack cause we can

Slogan 1: its that thing everyone loves, Horizon
Slogan 2: XboxMB you know those updates, our fault.
Slogan 3:you cant reach it , feel it , touch it but you can be a part of it Horizon XboxMb

Slogan 1: We mod what we must because we can (:
Slogan 2: Where 1337 Modders meet their makers
Slogan 3: Simply over the Horizon

Slogan 1: Ultimate Modding Community.
Slogan 2: We can mod even your mom!
Slogan 3: We don’t just use mods, we create them!