Contest | Add A Caption | Win Diamond

Contest time…

Simple enough, add a funny caption to the picture below - you have two shots.
Editing will result in disqualification - we don’t want you viewing other peoples and deciding to edit your own.

So… if you’re entering 2 captions, put them in the SAME post and don’t post until they’re BOTH ready

Any caption that is similar to another users will be deleted.
Any caption that is innapropriate will be deleted and you will be infracted.

Here’s your image :smile:

Open Me

You MUST edit the image

More importantly…
What will you win?

1 Month of Diamond - see a feature list here
There may be more than 1 winner, so try your best :smile:
Enjoy guys and good luck :thumbsup:
-XboxMB Team

You’re welcome for the picture.

Edit: I just made this one for teh lulz.

I have a trash can like that.

Caption: “Go away, I’m playing hide & seek.”

Trash Kitty Be Trolling

Feel Alone? Well…Your not!

Edit the image or it doesn’t count.

Why me? I’m not modio


2nd :

What about the facebook wall contests who won there and ill post my picture soon

Not an entry this one but <3 :