Contest | Easter | Win Diamond!

Happy Easter XMB!

Hello everyone! As you can see from the basket of easter eggs in the top left of your webpage, we are ready to celebrate Easter here on XboxMB! For some Easter fun, we have decided to hide a golden egg for everyone to find here on the forum. If you are the first to find said egg, you will receive a full month of diamond subscription!

The first person to find the thread that holds the golden egg will have to post a link to the thread that they found it in below. There may be more than one golden egg here on the forum, but you will know when you have found the right one, because ours will have a little message above it.

The egg can be found somewhere within General Discussion.
It can be anywhere inside any thread within this section.
I hope everyone has a great Easter this year!
Good luck, and happy hunting! :smile:

Congratulations Zebras of Doom, good work finding the egg!

I give up already.

Get ready Golden Egg I am coming for you!

Same, this s**t’s hard. Lol.

ikr? >.< ahwell, 3 month diamond does me.

I’ve got Diamond till October/November so I’m sorted. :smiley:
Good luck to everyone who’s trying!

i feel like hanging myself now

You are not alone

What if we have lifetime?

me three.

Then I don’t think you get anything.
Just the satisfaction of finding an egg out of how ever many pages there are in General Discussion.

Alright, thanks.

Tractions beat me lol

What does the egg look like? Hint pl0x

A golden egg, you will know it when you see it. :wink:

Shiny golden egg, you’ll know it when you see it. :wink:

There is 259 pages in General Discussion, Looks like my hands gonna hurt after this :laughing:

Wait? it in the first page of post in the thread?..or is it anywhere in the Forum>Thread>Some Random person post?

It can be anywhere within the general discussion section.