Contest | Scavenger Hunt | Win $10!

Scavenger Hunt Contest!

As a thank you and celebration of my re-promotion giggles I have decided to host a contest.

This is, I believe, the first of its kind and should be a bit more challenging than other contests!


The rules are simple:

- Any member can attempt to do this. - You must record your steps. - Only up to 1 person will win. - First one to PM me the steps they used to win gets it! - You may discuss your findings in the thread, but you might help people to win and remember only the first 1 person to PM me with the steps will win! - All forum rules apply! Anyone caught breaking them will be dealt with accordingly. - I'll release hints over time.

Here is your starting point!!
“XboxMB, what a nice person”

How to Win!

Using the starting point above solve the riddles, find clues hidden along the way and solve them!
You will know when you have one because it will tell you that you have!


Prize = 10$ PayPal.

End Date

There is no end date.

First to PM me the correct steps wins!


  1. XboxMB, what a nice person
  2. You just gotta get to the BASE of the code.


Posting your steps will more than likely help other members who could then overtake you!
Steps posted on this topic will not count, they MUST be PM’d to me.

Good luck to all!


the hell am I supposed to do with this

crack it



Updated, please read the note.

I am stuck at the password and can’t be bothered lol.

i’m stuck at the code…

You don’t say.

I think everyone is right now. ._.

Since this is pretty short, and I think someone will get it today, I have added another hint.

I passed that, was quite easy. I’m stuck on this jewish Zion crap. I can’t figure it out.

I think you have made a mistake.

Yuputpasswordon.jpg file???/ -.-

You’re going to need to hint every step lol

Some people are relatively close.

You gotta earn the money, I’m not just giving it away xD

I thought the base hint meant to base64 decrypt it, and that did nothing. Now i’m just ****ed. I want steam games damnit GIVE ME THE MONEY.


Took your time :wink:, Stop telling everybody! :smile:
Don’t think you’ll like the next bit lol.

Anyone got past the .JPG bit yet ? :confused:

Nope, can’t get the damn password


Hope I was the first lol


Here are the steps:

Step 1: Visit XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: XboxMB

Step 2: Convert BASE64 code->SVd5c09ncUV4OUJteTJWNGg1enlOM1JZelVZLUgtRENZb1lJUH pRWndLTSFMVGJEVDlBdSEjL3puLm9jLmFnZW0vLzpzcHR0aA==
Giving you the following: IWysOgqEx9Bmy2V4h5zyN3RYzUY-H-DCYoYIPzQZwKM!LTbDT9Au!#/zn.oc.agem//:sptth

Step 3: Reverse this text to find: MEGA

Step 4: Download the file. Extract the files. Open elderzion.txt to find a URL, open it and keep it open.
Open the image file lessthan2.jpg in WinRar. This reveals two files.

Step 5: Open h4x.txt to find a Hex code, convert this to find the word “atmosphere”
Using the site from elderzion.txt, upload the image TriangleTea.png and use the word “atmosphere” as the password.

Step 6: This reveals the words “You have won! Congrats!”

The End.

Thanks for trying, look out for more giveaways and contests from me coming up!

How! What was the Jpg password?