Controller Issues

I’ve been playing The Force Unleashed lately on my PC but I’ve currently hit a snag with a level that’s giving me trouble since I’m using the built in mouse on my laptop. I’ve tried connecting my PS5 controller to my laptop but for the life of me I can’t get it set up the way I need it to be.


Officially, PCs do not typically support Sony controllers. Because Microsoft want you to buy their controllers - the Xbox ones.

But saying that, it’s not impossible to connect a Sony (Playstation) controller to your PC. However, it’s very likely that the button prompts in game will be the Xbox buttons rather than the PS buttons (one of Microsoft’s tactics to try to annoy you into buying an Xbox controller).

  1. Access your PC’s Bluetooth settings (Press Windows key, type “Bluetooth”, and select Bluetooth & other devices from the menu)

  2. Select Add Bluetooth or other device

  3. Select Bluetooth in the pop-up window

  4. On your DualSense controller (with it disconnected and powered off), press and hold the PS Button and Create button (next to the D-Pad) at the same time until the light bar under the touchpad begins to blinks

  5. On your PC, select your DualSense controller from the list of available Bluetooth devices