Controller Shortcut Support

This is just a thought that came to mind giving Infinity a look/try for the first time today, but anyways onto what I’m actually talking about:

Best way I can describe what I mean is simply being able to set and use shortcut binds using a PC compatible controller, I.E. 'Toggle God Mode = ‘R_TRIGGER’.

I’m not sure if by default if controller support is added that it will automatically include the ability to set multiple buttons to one toggle I.E. ‘L_TRIGGER + DPAD_DOWN’ but that would be nice as well :smile:.


This is on my to-do list :slight_smile:


Dope! Cheers man, looking forward to it. :heart_eyes:

The smile emoji looks like you’re constipated.

More liek :scream: :grin: :persevere: :grin: :grin: :sweat_smile: :grin: :persevere: :grin: :relieved: :joy:

I decided to work on it now. Coming along nicely :smiley:

I might just make the A/B/X/Y their normal letters.


All done. I want to clean up the code a bit and send it off to the beta testers. I think it’ll be released tomorrow! Well, today because it’s 4:30 AM…


Sweet, thanks for the super fast turnaround.

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You’re welcome. Thanks for reminding me.

Note: Right now I’m only acknowledging input from the first controller (i.e. “Player 1”), and the triggers count as a press when they are depressed 175/255 (~68.6%). I thought that was a good threshold. At least for the 360 controller. So let me know if you think it’s too little/much for the One controller if you have one.

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That should be perfectly fine, I only have a 360 controller for PC anyways so might just need a beta tester that has a One controller to give it a go :slight_smile: .

I got an Xbox One controller. Can see if i can test it out today if i got time.
Bit busy but can try to inject some gaming into the schedule :stuck_out_tongue:

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