Copy and Paste

Hey guys and girls,
Heres my situation:
I bought a new xbox and the previous one has all my games such as minecraft and others downloaded without the disc.
Is it possible that i can copy and paste the games to transfer the games to my xbox while keeping it on the other one as well?
Help here would be greatly appreciated by you all

If the Xbox won’t allow you to make a copy of the game you can always put the game on a usb then use horizon to make a copy on the desktop. Once you have the copy you can put your game back on the original Xbox then place the copy back on the usb and move it over to the new Xbox.

You can download them again on your new xbox, just go to download history. I assume you are using the same account on your new xbox?

There is a thing called license transferring that you can do to have all downloaded games on both consoles. Just go to settings>account> then license transfer at the bottom. If you do do a license transfer, you can only do a license transfer every 4 months.