Corrupt file

Hi guys,
totally new to this but wanting to play snes,Mega drive( Genesis) games on my xbox 360.
ive searched and a lot of people say Xexmenu to work, so I am trying it.
ive formatted a usb drive to my xbox.
used horizon to inject the C0DE99990F586558 file
but then when I put it back in the xbox it says the file is corrupted.
Any help would be appreciated cheers in advance .

Use pc emulators. Xexmenu and the likes are only for modded consoles (retail won’t read them and marks it as corrupted). Look up jtag and rgh for more info.

i think my xbox is modded as i can play copied discs on it.
as i said i am new to this but want to have a go.

Like snake said you need jtag or rgh.
And you just put them on with out horizon
I have about 15 emus on my 360. Dont play it any more tho

Burnt discs? If thats the case you have a flashed drive. A modded console should be obvious (different interface than retail) and they cost like 5-10 times more than a regular console.

so if its just a flashed drive i cant do anything else until i get it jtag or rgh

Exactly. You will need an emulator and that requires a jtag or rgh.