Corrupt Profile?

my xbox wont let me sign in it says corrupt profile?

So? What do you need help with?

I cant sign in my xbox freezes every time its halfway thru sigh in how to I stop that

If the profile file is corrupt then go to storage and delete it. After that you can just redownload the profile.

It is a xbox live profile, right?

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Delete the profile and recover it. You should always make a backup of your profile if you are modding.

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You may try the steps provided in the link below and check if you are able to recover the gamer tag.
Move, delete, or recover your Xbox LIVE gamer tag
You may also check the link provided below which provides troubleshooting steps for top issues with Xbox live.
Top Xbox LIVE Issues
For further support please post the issue on the link provided below.
Xbox forums
Also here is a xbox error code support page with some steps that will help you on recovery the corrupted profile and re-downloading it from xbox live.