Could someone with the pc version mod my save? (done)

Whoever helps me will earn some cool-points.



Dlc’s: Hearthfire and dawnguard.

And special thanks to zodiac, aden and sean for reviving an old game and making it more enjoyable.

Uninstalling my mods, should have a save up for you soon

Thanks, but the carry weight didn’t change… Do you think you could max it out for me?

Mediafire is giving me trouble uploading the save, can I send it through Skype?

I don’t have Skype installed anymore. The dial-up sound is too annoying.

Uhhh what about email? PM me

Mediafire is still not letting me upload

Would this one work?

Nope, just tried to send an email and it was rejected by your provider.

No way to install skype real quick? You can un-install when it’s done. Mediafire just hangs at 0%

He’s putting in the effort and time to mod your save but you won’t install skype to make it easier on him cmon dude. Thanks for helping him cody.

It’s all good man. He got skype and hit me up, he’s testing the save now. No worries!

Everything’s fine now. Zodiac solved the carry weight bug. And now I’m going to play some skyrim!