Could you add Bioshock 1&2 and maybe Resident Evil 4&5 and Revelations 1&2?

I see that Bioshock Infinite had one but the first two didn’t :frowning: and the same Resident Evil 6…

Cool Idea, but i know what a mod will say when they see this as they have said it before
"Please make a separate post for each different series"

Oh they also like to see requested features.

I don’t think this is mini modding, I think this is just being helpful

That’s alright and i know what options so this is fine.

@butwax123 We have RE6 trainer. About RE4 you mean the RE4 HD one right?

Hey, thanks for the quick reply! Yes, the HD RE4! I’m guessing the options would be the same for Bioshock 1&2 which is why I didn’t put any requested features! Same goes for the RE games! Thanks again for the quick reply!


Thank you!!!