Could you legends add "Ideal" to payment methods

Hi there,

let me start with saying that I love the app.
I love it so much I want to support it by going for the pro-version.

But there is 1 small problem: the payment-methods that are there are no options (or available) to me.
I am from Europe and a creditcard is not something we use common (at least where I come from),
Paypall…well, reasons for not having that.
And the other options are also a “no-go” for me.

I saw a topic that was talking about debit cards, but trying to work around that isn’t working either.

Ideal payment is also a method that works quick: would that be an option for you guys to add?

Anyway: best of luck with the development and as soon as there is a payment method that I can use too, I will become your latest paying supporter :smiley:

At the moment our payment processor does not support ideal payment but we will definitely look into adding support as soon as possible.

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That would be awesome.
As soon as this is an option, I will absolutely become a “pro-member”!!

Thanks for the fast reply.