Couple of questions

So I was told that the servers are up, and some people got the game early a legal way…so if I have the game downloaded (digital pro edition) and change my timezone will I be banned? I was told that everyone who can play the game play but you can not live stream.

If I dont end up playing earlier is the digital pro edition also day zero?

I don’t think you’d get banned? I know there’s people playing already, there’s a kid who’s already prestiged too so i don’t see why not.

While I don’t have it early and can’t speculate on that I’m wondering why you’d change your timezone? I know in the past they let people who obtain early copies legally play and reset the servers around launch day.

Game launches official in stores and on digital tomorrow(Sunday, the 2nd) at midnight. Released as “Day Zero” edition for pre orders on Monday. I think it’s one of the only games ever to come out on a Monday in a long time by Microsoft. Game is “legitimately” out on Tuesday, if you did not pre order the Day Zero edition. So I mean… If you want, start playing at midnight tomorrow.

lol I wasnt going to play it anyway…I dont mind waiting…so the digital pro edition isnt day zero? I thought all pre-orders are…guess not.

guyzz i have got it in my pc
but i want to know how to convert a game with two isos into games on demand