Crackdown 3 gameplay shows 100% destructible environments

[/img]Crackdown 3 was introduced by the original game’s creator Dave Jones during the Microsoft gamescom 2015 press conference today, and the trailer was loaded with destruction.

Players will run through a futuristic city, race through streets in a transforming vehicle, and use various abilities to “tear apart a ruthless criminal empire.”

The new sandbox title was described as the “ultimate sandbox” which would “blow up the way you play games” in multiplayer. The open-world campaign is playable in four-person online co-op, and the cloud-powered multiplayer mode will be hosted on dedicated servers with “20 times the computation power of Xbox One.”

A competitive multiplayer mode will also be included featuring 100% destructible environments, allowing players to “create their own explosive stories in the process.”

Developed by Dave Jones and his UK-based studio Reagent Games, players looking forward to Crackdown 3 will be able to play the multiplayer in summer 2016. Whether that means a beta is coming them, or the full release comes later, is unclear as of press time.