Create and Install FreeBoot [13599]

Newest FreeBOOT for Dash 13146 Any Motherboard (No Online)

Tutorial(Follow with v3.13):

Required Software(Update to v2.85):

Open Me

JTAG TOOL: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Flash360: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Obtaining a Flash Dump:

Open Me
  1. Download and Extract Flash360 to a USB Device MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
  2. Start your JTAG, and load up XeXMenu, then pop your USB Device in
  3. Hit RB till you see Flash360.xex, Highlight Flash360 and Press A
  4. Once Flash360 Loads and shows all the commands, Press X then A
  5. When it finishes Backing up your NAND, Hit the back button 3 times, the small white button
  6. Put your USB Device in you Computer and copy your NAND Dump to your PC
  7. Make 2 Copys so you have a back up in case something goes wrong

Make sure you use the correct settings if you have Alternative Points on your JTAG

You always make sweet tutorials :smile:

Can you do this without an Original NAND?

Sweet tut this should be stickey!

Nice post my friend you make it so easy!

its all good

i did Original NAND
but i believe its any

I don’t think you can.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

ty great tut dude

For the final file save, you would save it as updflash and flash it through flash360, or xeLLous right?..

amazing tut man nice job

Yea, I just used NAND-X Which I left installed so I named it what I did.

I’m sure you can just use flash360 and get a flash dump.

EDIT: Nevermind.
The Kinect dashboard looks sweet on this. =)

Ripped right from gt.

Oh wait, ur the same dude. My bad it’s not like I can check. Gt is down. D:

can i change kvs on new freeboot?

Didn’t see anything not letting you in the credits.

I now see the light…

Amazing tut bookmarked it to!

@kill_seth im kinda new to jtags and all, i have a falcon jtag! after i follow these steps do i like boot it in flash360 what do i do afteer?

Well if you don’t have the wiring still attached to flash the image directly you’ll need to use a USB device and boot into Xell.

Create the Image with EFB, then when you finish and have to save the file name it updflash
Place that file onto your USB Device then Put it in your 360 and boot into xell
from there xell will recognize your Device and ask you if you want to flash the file
Say yes, let it do it’s thing.