Create Dev Instance?

I haven’t had any issues with the app before, but after restarting to attempt update it failed (as seen in the stuck at loading screen thread). If it is an issue with the pack being installed/the repositories they are pulling from this suggestion is relevant, if not, it is irrelevant.

This might be a bit much (and maybe it exists and I’m stupid), but allowing users the ability to sign up for a dev/experimental environment (maybe give a small amount of daily coins as incentive if no one signs up, but I bet people will) might help with future versions of the app or having the ability to revert to a previous version on repository timeout may help as well. I noticed the packages were nugget, so versioning might not be an issue as much as having the check.

Beta channel is already a feature that is available to everyone. You can opt-in from the settings in WeMod.

Perfect, just blind/stupid. I guess that just puts the suggestion to rollback on failed install with automatic issue requests?