Creating A Game Trainer

HI too all in this community how would someone go about making a game trainer and stuff like that

some of the other creators are either too busy to make new ones or update them (not their faults)

please know I have the up-most respect for what they do.

What trainers aren’t being updated? Some of them take a little time to get updated based on the amount of work the trainer creators have at the moment but everything should be updated.

As far as learning/creating your own. Most people use cheat engine and just search for values and change them.

oh sorry its just a stand-alone trainers for the riftbreaker and age of empires 2 DE . I know that’s not wemods problem. and thanks I will try to figure out how to use that cheat thing I apologise if I caused offence

I was just curious so the trainer creator could update it if necessary.

There are a lot of tutorials out there for Cheat Engine so as long as you aren’t trying to do anything crazy it should be pretty easy.

if they could that would really great and I looked at the tutorials cant make sense of them