Creativerse Trainer

Creativerse Is A Great Game. I Would Love For It To Have Its Own Place In Infinity. Personally I Would Suggest To Put In Things Like No Crafting Requirements And All Blocks Craftable. You Could Also Do Things Like All Items Craftable And All Tools Craftable And No Damage And Infinite Stamina. The Game Is Very Challenging And I Need A Trainer/Hack To Play Correctly.

@sNaKe you beat me to it.

It is Not Only Multiplayer. You Can Change From Multiplayer To Single Player In A Click. Meaning You Can Cheat Then When Your Done You Can Make The Game Multiplayer And Brag To Your Friends!

Why Are You Writing Like This? It’s ■■■■■■■ Annoying
Write like a normal person would.
And Wemod Won’t make cheats so you can brag to your friends in Multiplayer.
You just smashed any possibility that a cheat will be made for that game

It’s not possible.