Crusader Kings 2 and Achievements

So, Crusader Kings 2 has finally reached the requisite number of votes. It will now, at some point or another, likely get a trainer made for it.

Infinity’s trainers for Paradox games are AWESOME. Hearts of Iron 4, Stellaris, Europa Universalis 4… Paradox games are notorious for being really freaking uptight about their (you guessed it) achievements.

Crusader Kings 2, even more so. There are no other trainers that exist which let you modify the game and also unlock achievements.

I don’t know if this kind of thing is allowed or not, but I seriously appreciate all the hard work you guys put into these mods, and while I already support you with a pro membership, if you manage to pull this one off… man, I may be just a starving musician, but I’ve been wanting something like this since I got into this game years ago, and I’ll donate $150 personally to the author.

Looking forward to it either way, and again, thanks for all the hard work (thankless though a lot of it is, from some of the comments!).

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If you are talking about steam achievements.
You can directly open it while this:

I never had any problems unlocking achievements while using a cheat table or Infinity in any Paradox games.
As long as you play on ironman of course

On Crusader Kings 2? Yeah, Infinity works great with all the other Paradox games, but Cheat Happens stuff GENERALLY works on the other Paradox games as well (when they bother updating it), just… not on CK2.

CK2, for whatever reason, is apparently a real bother to get working that way.