Crusader Kings III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

yes and dynasty prestige but nothing else

This needs an update. Waiting for it to appear on the update list to boost it.


Hello Everyone!

After the Iberia update (Lovely stuff BTW, lots of new stuff. One should get it when one has the chance) I can confirm the only working cheats at this time are for Dread, Prestige and instant construction. everything else are currently not working.

Aye, It would be nice to have this set on the board. This updates great but i wanna also mess ■■■■ up

While I appreciate the effort that has gone into developing and maintaining this particular trainer (for the Steam version), I only ever really use the instant build, county control, and enable console switches. Everything else I can do more quickly or efficiently using console commands. The console command is currently broken, which (unfortunately) only leaves the command line modifier available to access the console and debug environment. The consequence is that achievements are out of reach. Regardless, thanks for your efforts, and I look forward to your update.


look up cheat table by fearless. its an old version but haven’t seen anything that doesn’t work yet. console switch is still broken on it but everything else works like console commands

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I don’t think so, trainer needs to be updated most of the cheats don’t work properly.

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The Crusader Kings III cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Thank you my good sir!

Trainer isn’t working for me, is it working for anyone else?

Make sure you have the latest trainer version selected! Click on the History tab underneath the Play button and you can select the latest trainer version. :slight_smile:

The console option still breaks Ironman Mode. But otherwise, everything else works great! Thanks!

it worked fine for me, you sure its console mode? Don’t use debug mode, that will break the ironman

I’ll try it again, could be that I used the wrong version too

Edit: Not sure what I did wrong but I’ve got it working! lol

Max County Control does not seem to be working for me. Activates like normal and stays on but county control levels do not change.


Just make sure to turn off “debug_mode” before exiting the current game. Debug mode alters the current game’s checksum but activating the console does not.

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Max County Control not working !


it works fine for me

I dont know why the game crashes after only enabling the command console cheat. This has happened to me after the last update of the game and the trainer. The game runs fine until 20-30 minutes. After that, what I said at the beginning happens. Anyone else have the same problem?

yep that is not working for me either.
Max County Control