Crusader Kings III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

if it’s possible, add a unlimited army supply


Sadly the “set kings age” option does not seem to affect the negative effect of age to health. So maybe an option to add infinite (aka a high amount of) health so your ruler can be actually immortal.


ja das währe echt super ne Funktion zu haben wo sein Charakter nicht Sterben kann und gegen Krankheiten immun ist

Thank you, @MrAntiFun! Would it be possible to have an immortality cheat so the king doesn’t die?

Thanks again!

I can not get the any of the Skills trainers to work either. Is there something specific I need to be doing to get them to apply to my character, or is the trainer not functioning properly?

Great trainer, works fine. Instant movement is a bit tricky but works as intended.
As of learning more skills like stewardship or intrigue, they are working as well but needs few days to apply.
Setting Kings age is only thing that is bothering me, age can be set but after reloading the game, age is reverted back every time and kings health decreases time to time like it should without this cheat.

Question/Request would you be able to add a way to reduce stress? Be nice to not have to hold fest and get fat and hope lose weight works lol
thanks for this tho!

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So I guess Infinite Army is not doable?

Nice, but AGE not work. Just change number, but the year of birth does not change

Its good, thank MrAntiFun

1.1.1了 修改器已经用不了

You’re right ZHANGXINXIN, the trainer is no longer working, but patch 1.1 was just released today.
I’m sure MrAntiFun will keep the CK3 trainer up to date.
Great work to MrAntiFun by the way!

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请问最新的培训师在哪里下载 老版本已经不工作了

hi sir,
your trainer is not working in CK3 latest update
please update your trainer,btw love your work,thanks be4


Please use English in here, thank you

Why can’t my modifier support King of Crusades 3 1.1? How can I update it

You cant update it. The game updated again so the trainer will need to be updated.
Updates go by votes in the wemod app and popularity
Then when mrantifun comes back around to this he will update it. Thanks

the game doesnt show up i nthe list to support it for updates, can you screenshot that for me?

Same I can’t vote to request update.

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