Crusader Kings III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

when i play other games hoi4 or warhammer ect work wemod fine only problem with ck3
virus? i think no! ok i make a scan!

There was a hotfix this morning evidently. I’ll be playing sometime today and will let you know if things are broken again.

So far seems to be working.

i scan ,no virus !

All of the options seem to work okay, but enabling the in game console and running any command seems to disable achievements. Is there a way to remedy this?

@MrAntiFun, @JGCheats, is it possible like on the Stellaris trainer, to make that u can use te console without losing the achivements??

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I’m not one of the devs, so no idea, but it appears that this is a developer issue. The console’s use is hardcodes so that when you initiate a command form the console it disables achievements. I don;t think there is a way around it that a simple trainer can implement.


The trainer used to work this way, you could enable the console and run commands and as long as you disabled the console before unpausing, achievements would still run. It might be a recent change in their code?

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Would be my guess.

During a next update, would it be possible to add a trainer to block stress?

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Stress, and options to add experience into lifestyles and/or just add points for lifestyle experience trees.

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Does the instant movement work for anyone? I press to enable it but it just disables itself.

Other mods work fine.

Been working for me, its not ‘instant’ really but greatly accelerated.

It appears you can edit the save file though, after the fact, and re-enable achievements.

yeah it worked for me before, but now it doesn’t. every other cheat works normally except for that one

I’m at the latest for everything and it is working for me, so there may be something on your end that’s not working well. Are you certain you are using the latest version of the trainer?

When you say it doesn;t work, what is your expectation of the cheat? Save a game and then disable the cheat and move a group of soldiers see how long it takes, restart the game and enable the cheat and have them move again?

Instant move seems like it takes out the ‘middle’ portion of each leg of the trip, so it gets there faster but its not instantaneous.

You don’t understand, I can’t enable the cheat at all, the launcher simply won’t let me enable it.

And yes my launcher is at the newest version, and so is my game.

No clue then. It enables/disables fine inmy client so I can;t figure what the issue might be. If you are running any mods, maybe disable everythng but the base game and the base DLCs?

how do you edit the save file and re-enable achievements.

There’s a program called PDX-Unlimiter, and it has a save file editor. Create a backup save, just in case, open it and find the line:


And edit it to say yes. Should work.